Frequently asked questions

Why vote for the Green Party?

- Green party - Green housing - Green jobs

What can I do to help?

- Vote - Donate - Volunteer

How about the hot mess in the news about GPC and Annamie Paul?

- Unfortunate but irrelevant - Bigger issues at stake than internal squabbles - agree? - We love and respect our fearless leader, but the well-being of Etobicoke Lakeshore residents is our number 1 priority

A GPC vote is either wasted or conservative, what's the response to that?

- You are investing in the growth of the green movement, with your vote - Your vote is 1 more towards securing the 40,000 votes needed to win. - No vote is wasted. Vote your conscience. Vote Green

Although I share similar values to the Green Party, what difference will all this make?

- If not this, then what? - If not us, then who? - If not now, then when?

What if I do like James Maloney?

- We honour our leaders that have served our community thus far - Time for change, has come ! - As the saying goes: what got us here will not get us there.

I am not racist but how should I feel about black representation for my riding?

- Let's say black is the new Green - or Green is the new black - Let's give greens a chance !